Harmony Minded

Harmony Minded, LLC, offer coaching services and mentorship programs and support to individuals and groups. It is designed to pull you in a new Vision and Perspective from which you can only go upwards. The success depends on circumstances and your decision, to give your best potential to upgrade yourself. 

Have you ever thought about the root of true happiness?

It comes from the moment that you share an idea about anything in your life with the world and wait for reactions.

But the steps that you are pushed to go through as a feedback of your statement sometimes can be difficult. 

How do you handle the feedback? 
What strength your personality will have to go throughout all the steps to handle the truth,
to recognize the lie,
to diagnose difficulties on the way,
and to make everyone happy and proud and grateful for your existence in their lifetime?

Programs offered throughout this course are created by Mentors with proven methods of communication with clients over decades. Do you want to experience a different perception, exchange of opinions, spread your horizons and form a better understanding of your potential to grow?

You have to choose a pure heart leader, otherwise you will be constantly misguided.

As you go through these programs, you will experience a challenge for transformation of your everyday habits and your learning motivation to grow should rise. Your motivation to improve will determine our journey and success in your future everyday decisions.

Throughout multiple varieties of sessions, upgraded interpretations on different levels of awareness throughout time that you will have a choice to choose at your own pace and based on results that you show in your progress you will take assessments as we go through different levels.

Do you want to feel more creative, innovative, to wake up with a different mindset?

Expertise of teaching and analyzing people’s choices will empower you to make more straightforward choices and eventually will enlighten you to enjoy the journey every step of the way through life. Career experience and a wealth of shared approach, backed up with scientific resources and decades of practice, complemented by different mentors in life will empower you to challenge yourself about your future decisions and to go ahead and think on the next level of awareness.

What sets Harmony Minded, LLC, apart is a Straightforward Mindset Elevation with the help of Mary Morrissey – Milica K mentorship, the philosophy of coaching from an extensive personal and professional life, experience, and building of a career, creating a family or founding your own organization.

Harmony Minded, LLC, is a top ethical company that gives you a choice of a quality interaction with your coach that can be a 100% personalized, individual program, or a program in groups that is adjusted to offer a choice of privacy for every customer in place.

“Apply your gained knowledge everyday and there will be no place for failure on your lifeTIME journey.” ~ MIlica K


With right People, everything is Right. With wrong People things only seem clear...

Business Development - Level 1

This Program offers Clarification of The Path needed to go through, to come from point A to point B in development of your own business. It will be conducted as a 3-hour Webinar with an interactive part within the last hour, that will help you understand better how much your words resonate with your deeds at this moment and the awareness of the necessary steps you need to take.
Program will be conducted throughout vitorllc.com.

Business Development - Level 2

An 8-Week-Program created for Start-Ups to help you organize your management skills, so you have a chance for a stronger start, once you decide that it is time to open a business. This course will also give you an idea on where you are on the market at this moment with your resources, so you prevent running on too many surprises on the way to open and start your business and maximize your ROI.
Program will be conducted throughout vitorllc.com.

Business Development - Level 3

The Level 3 is a Business Consultation Process that is individual, personalized, and confidential. This Program is available to clients who are in a range of organizational skills development, Time, Space, Diplomacy of Communication, and your opportunities in a real time to give you best possible results at a certain point, and to help you maximize your expected result.
Program will be conducted throughout vitorllc.com.

Dream Builder Program by Mary Morrissey – Level 1

This Program is inspirational, FUN, warmly recommended and beautifully explained, a copyrighted material from Mary Morrissey and the Brave Thinking Institute, with their approval, instructions, and guidance that I am allowed to offer through my own company as a Certified Coach from the Brave Thinking Institute. Success of the program interaction between the coach and the client needs to match to get the best possible expected results. throughout these sessions, it is noticed that people manage to successfully break down concerns, paradigms, and fears, because of a given proven approach to a client that is memorized usually as described as a Life-giving Experience. This is a 12-Week program that helps many people to go from good to Exceptional so much faster than usual people do. It awakens most important four areas of a human life: Health, Relationships, Vocation, Time, and Money Freedom. Feel free to contact me on the link below. Program will be conducted throughout vitorllc.com.

Dream Builder Program by Mary Morrissey – Level 2

During the time I have spent in the United States I have noticed a lot of people who feel indifference in life, especially in the city of New York. It is a stressful life; it is a big chase for all the benefits that come with the choice we make in life and sometimes it really does feel exhausting. People new to this city sometimes are experiencing an enormous pressure here. And because of that big pressure, some people usually forget about their own dreams soon after they finish the course. That is why the coach is there to lead the client throughout the process of transformation, step by step, as many times as necessary in each timeframe, and if client shows improvement, there is a sense of conducting a session, now on the other level of awareness. It is understandable that for such a few requests, from time to time, there will be an open possibility to enroll in a program again and go throughout new FUN process of self-improvement. Program will be conducted throughout vitorllc.com.

Dream Builder Program by Mary Morrissey – Level 3

Level 3 of a Dream Builder Program will be conducted again in case that there is an express need for improvement of skills necessary for the life a client want to create, and experience and live-in a given time. People have different perspectives and we all like to grow and share good conclusions and create a much better place in this world by doing so. However, sometimes, as much as we or someone close to us does look good on the outside, it is not necessarily truth that the inside feels and looks the same. People lose jobs, change careers, allow unfamiliar energies to flow throughout their life, they run through life constantly chasing many different energies and look for the sense in events that are a big challenge, and people just need a support, an individualized training coach that will guide a client throughout the process of transformation on even a different perspective. Clients also tend to get familiar and comfortable with the coach and this service is available to you as well. Program will be conducted throughout vitorllc.com.

If you quit your chosen path, you will never know what was behind that corner where you left of. If you continue the chosen path, you might not feel pleasant at that very moment. If you find yourself undecisive about your own choice, I will guide you step by step throughout the process of getting more clarification on your present tense and focus on a better future that we all need.


Company Mission:

To help you break your own paradigms and look at the world from another and much better point of view…

Company Vision:

I am so happy that you made your dreams come true and now you remember me when you want to pass your knowledge on people dear to you.

Now you have a twice bigger house, your revenue is skyrocketing, and you have a few days every single week to see your dear loved ones, more time to enjoy the great company of likeminded people, and the LIFE you always wanted to create, enjoy in every breath you are taking, and pass your energy on to new generations.

Now you can say to yourself that you made A Good Deal that day when you decided to Invest In Yourself!